Rainbow Masjid Social Committee

November 22, 2014
by Yusuf Kolabhai

Some members of the community together with the Imaam of the Rainbow Masjid, Moulana Nazier Ahmed Jassat felt a need to do something for the Ummah after hearing a talk on the Syrian issue by Qari Ziyaad Patel.

After some deliberation on such issues we eventually set up a meeting where we launch the Rainbow Masjid Social Committee (RMSC).

This launch took place on 24 Shabaan 1435/ 25 June 2014 at the Rainbow Masjid after the Esha Salaat (8.00pm).

Committee members led by Moulana Jassat (Ameer) include, Iqbal Gaffoor (Secretary), Ilyaaz Mahommed (Treasurer), Ahmed Sayed Karolia, Ahmed Chotia, Yahya Nana and Zunaid Patel.

After a lengthy discussion on various options and activities we finally decided that Charity Begins at Home, that is when we decided that since the month of Ramadaan was approaching we would make our FIRST project an Eid gift for the destitute within our community.

And since collecting Lillah be the best option we got that project underway and informed the congregation about it.

To our amazement and the mercy of Allah our community dug deep into their pockets and filled our coffers for an exceptional amount of R28 000.00 which assisted about 28 families.

Our initial list had about 13 families but afterwards increased in number as the community just opened their hearts as well.

Before Eid our committee got the Eid Gift on the road and distributed all the funds, no amounts were kept back for any administration or any other cost. Also the committee received a very positive feedback, even some were in tears when this gift was presented to them.

This, to the committee was all that made the task on hand so much easier.

Al Humdo Lillah this project was a tremendous success.



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